Travel can be such a rejuvenating and nourishing experience – though unfortunately we can’t say the same for the flight. Whether it’s caused by the plane’s skin-drying air conditioning, lack of sleep, or free radicals running wild, our skin health can take quite the beating throughout a long haul flight.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can encourage skin health in the air, ranging from regular hydration to a nurturing serum. All you need is the proper in-flight skincare routine and a handful of skincare essentials by your side.

1. Cleanse
The first step of your in-flight skincare routine should be to remove any make-up from your face – particularly if you’re on a long haul flight. Otherwise the skin’s pores can build up with grease and dirt, which can cause breakouts and poor complexion on landing.

To avoid this, we recommend using our Refining Cleanser as it can be applied wet or dry, and is perfect for easy make-up removal.

2. Hydrate
When it comes to flying, hydration is king. The plane’s lower humidity and recirculated air can rapidly suck moisture from the skin, leaving a dull and dry complexion. Luckily, there’s a simple skincare essential to help fight off dry skin – spritzing!

A quick spritz of either our Tone + Hydrate Spritz or Ultimate Biome Spritz rapidly hydrates skin, and the cooling element and light scent evokes a refreshing feeling.

3. Protect
With free radicals running rampant, it’s best to pack an antioxidant-rich serum to help combat the skin-damaging effects. After spritzing, your moist skin will welcome the serum with open arms. Simply pop a few drops of our Repair Face Serum onto your hands, rub to spread and then press onto skin. Your skin will be left protected and glowing.

4. Sleep
As valuable as serums and spritzes can be for the skin, there’s nothing as nourishing as a quality nights sleep – particularly since a lack of it can damage our skin in more ways than one.

A key benefit of sleep for our skin is the boosted blood circulation to our face, helping to support our skin cells and fight off free radicals. When we are sleep deprived we don’t only lose this advantage but we also produce stress hormones, which can worsen skin conditions. In other words, beauty sleep is a flight skincare essential.

But what if you simply can’t sleep on a plane, no matter how hard you try? There’s no denying the struggle is real, but there are plenty of ways to encourage a good night’s sleep when flying – whether it’s by wearing ear plugs, a sleep mask and comfortable clothes, booking a red-eye flight, or choosing seats further away from the bathroom.

5. Moisturise
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: hydration is king when it comes to flying, and it can be great for rounding out your in-flight skincare routine. Before landing, Ultimate SOS Balm can be used to give your skin an extra kick of hydration, while also offering anti-inflammatory benefits – whether it’s for dull skin or dry hands.

Your skin isn’t the only one combating the plane’s drying effects, with the lips also suffering. A natural lip balm can be great for providing some instant hydration, making the journey all the more comfortable. Our award-winning Ultimate Lips is most definitely the pick here, scented with refreshing lemon myrtle to leave your lips feeling well and truly alive.

Packing tips

Don’t forget that all products taken on flights need to be 100ml or under. Rest assured, all the products suggested above (and below for that matter) are cabin-baggage friendly!

After an all-in-1 kit to pack on your next flight? 

Clémence Organics’ Travel Essentials kit is designed for soothing and hydrating the skin while travelling, which can make the flight all the more comfortable. The pack includes the Ultimate Lips balm, a Tone + Hydrate Spritz, and an Ultimate SOS Balm. You may also like to pack our Youth Basics skincare set. This pack includes the Refining Cleanser, Organic Bamboo Face Cloth, Tone + Hydrate Spritz and Repair Face Serum. Click here to browse packs in the online store.