With the masses of skin care products out there, accompanied by the desire to try them all, our skin care routine can become very cluttered, very quickly! Multiple serums, cleansers, and a mask for every occasion can not only clutter your cupboards, but also drain your bank account. Have you ever wondered whether a ‘less is more’ approach is the best way to go? If you invest your time and money in a handful of natural, high-quality products, you may well yield the best result for your skin.

The minimalist skin care movement is ever-growing in popularity, with more and more people taking a step back to the basics. But what are the advantages to this approach? And how can someone transition into a minimalistic skincare mind-set?

Here’s a simple skin care regime comprised of the bare essentials to leave you with a glowing, supple complexion.

5-Step Minimalist Skin Care Routine

1. Remove Makeup & Cleanse
Up first on the minimalist skin care line-up is a multi-purpose cleanser that washes away built-up oil, dirt, and makeup. The Clémence Organics Refining Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that both effortlessly cleans skin and acts as a make-up remover.

Hint: to avoid your skin’s pores clogging up and blackheads forming, strive to cleanse the skin before bed. In the morning, all you’ll need is a splash of water and you’ll be ready to go.

2. Exfoliate/Mask
This next step is only added in every 3rd or 4th day, and should not be a daily part of your skin care routine. When choosing an exfoliant, find one which doubles as a mask to save time and cupboard space. The Clémence Organics 2 in 1 Face Scrub + Mask performs both these tasks beautifully!

Hint: pop it on in the shower after conditioning your hair, leave on for 3 minutes and rinse off before you hop out. My bi-weekly routine!

3. Tone
To prep your skin for further hydration, it’s best to balance your skin’s pH first with a toner. Applying the toner will also give your skin a light layer of moisturise to ensure your serum and face cream glide on smoothly. Clémence Organics Tone + Hydrate Spritz and Ultimate Biome Spritz can be used directly after cleansing, neutralising the skin’s pH while simultaneously combating dryness.

Hint: carry these with you throughout the day to freshen and hydrate your skin, and give it a dewy glow.

4. Serum
Serums are packed with a variety of skin-loving ingredients, helping to feed the skin with the nutrients it requires to thrive. Serum travels deep into our skin, working to target specific skincare issues including breakouts, dry skin, and ageing. Repair Face Serum works to rejuvenate, soothe, and moisturise the skin, with the help of rosehip oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil, and more.

Hint: add a couple of drops to your foundation for a lighter coverage and glowing skin.

5. Moisturise
The next step of this minimalist skin care routine is focused around hydration. Particularly if you suffer from dry skin, using a moisturiser every day helps to create soft and supple skin. Not to mention, moisturisers help to seal the skin, locking in all those lovely nutrients from the serum. Try our best-selling Ultimate Face Cream.

Hint: you only need to apply a little face cream after following all these steps. Too much will suffocate the skin. Try smoothing a small amount between your palms and gently pressing onto skin. Rub the excess into the back of your hands as they often deserve some extra attention too.


Ready to start your minimalist skin care routine? We’ve made it simple for you by popping all of these products into a simple, money-saving pack: the Ageless Beauty Collection.

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