We get sooo many questions about skin and our skincare range that I thought it was worth sharing our most commonly asked with you.

“I’ve just switched to Clémence Organics, so why is my skin breaking out?”

Some people experience a break out when switching to our range for 1 main reason: over-cleansing. Most people previously use a foaming cleanser which strips the skin daily, forcing it to produce extra sebum and skin oils. When you change to our Refining Cleanser (which is cream based) it takes approximately a week for your skin to adjust and slow down the extra sebum and oil production. Once your skin has adjusted, your skin will settle and break outs will be a thing of the past.

“Can I share my products with the man in my life?”

You most certainly can! Our range is unisex and lightly scented to suit the most sensitive of noses. We find the favourite shared products in our range include our Ultimate Face Cream, Ultimate Lips and Ultimate SOS Balm.

“What’s the difference between the Ultimate Biome Spritz and the Tone + Hydrate Spritz?”

The Ultimate Biome Spritz is more potent than Tone + Hydrate Spritz and designed to protect and improve the health of the skin where the biome may be compromised. Because of the Vitamin C content it is also helpful for boosting your skin cells’ defence against free radicals (caused by pollution, too much sun, stress etc.), and stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. It also provides more hydration than the Tone + Hydrate Spritz because of the addition of hyaluronic acid. It’s basically Tone + Hydrate Spritz on steroids!

Currently I’m using my Ultimate Biome Spritz of a morning to help protect my skin during the day, and then my Tone + Hydrate Spritz at night for general anti-inflammatory and toning benefits. Both definitely have a place in my skincare routine.

“How often should I use my 2 in 1 Face Scrub + Mask, and how long should I leave it on for?”

I personally use mine every second day, but I would recommend a minimum of twice weekly. Because I’m all about multi-tasking, I leave my mask on for as long as it takes for me to wash my hair (approximately 3 minutes). So my (every second day) shower routine currently runs like this:
1. Shampoo hair & apply conditioner (am LOVING O Way Organics at the moment)
2. Apply 2 in 1 Face Scrub + Mask
3. Shave armpits or legs if necessary
4. Wash conditioner from hair
5. Wash away 2 in 1 Face Scrub + Mask

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You can also check our FAQ page for other commonly asked questions.

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