Cancer is such a sensitive subject and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by it. For me it’s something that I talk about on an almost daily basis. Why? Because it’s part of my story and part of why I do what I do. Here’s a little bit more about my background and the natural product I found to be helpful in cancer treatment.

As you may already know my Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008. I was in the last year of my Naturopathy degree and so felt in a good position to support him with complementary therapies. I prescribed herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements and made him a balm to ease any potential radiation-induced dermatitis (otherwise known as radiation burn). I felt very fortunate that I had knowledge and some experience to help him.

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As a naturopath, I’m always thinking about dietary and lifestyle recommendations to complement my organic skin care range. Drinking herbal teas has got to one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to further benefit skin. Not only do they taste great but the actives in herbs are absorbed and taken-up quicker than supplements.

As obvious as it may be, the water in tea also benefits dry skin, probably the most common skin complaint and a frequent contributor to the worsening of skin conditions.

Here are a few of my favourite herbal teas and skin issues they can assist with.
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Supercharging your diet with a diverse array of nutrients can be one of the best ways to enhance the wellbeing of your skin. While nutrients such as vitamin C can help the skin to appear much firmer, other components such as selenium and vitamin E can protect our skin cells and increase skin repair. The best part? Most foods contain these essential vitamins and minerals in amounts consistent with our body’s needs.

By enhancing the quality of food that we’re eating, we won’t only be improving the health of our skin, but our entire wellbeing. It’s a win-win! Here are 4 recipes to get you started on the path towards healthier skin.

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Bridget’s Note: Sometimes a simple gesture can change your life. When I offered to drive Charlotte Smith home to the Blue Mountains after an event in Sydney we had both been attending, I was granted the pleasure of spending 2 hours alone in her company. As Charlotte told me all about her extraordinary life and her phenomenal fashion collection, I was blown away. How did I not know about this incredible woman who lived only 15 minutes from me? Here is just a glimpse of her story. 


For the second in our special interview series “On Beauty” we’re talking to Charlotte Smith, custodian of one of the world’s largest fashion collections, The Charlotte Smith Fashion Collection. This historic collection was bequeathed to her by her American Godmother, Doris Darnell, and came complete with accompanying letters, photographs and stories that linked the pieces to the original owners and the occasions to which they were worn.

Now containing some 9000 pieces, Charlotte exhibits this fascinating collection around the world, enthralling her audience and proving that fashion is so much more than fabric.

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We’ve had lots of inquires lately from parents asking which products are most suitable for their teenage daughters and sons to help with their skin. Some want to help improve their teenagers’ skin to give them more confidence and others are concerned about starting them on a healthy skincare regime early (which I wholeheartedly LOVE). And so I thought I’d write a post about this, sharing what has worked in my experience, including dietary, lifestyle and skincare recommendations.

What’s going on with my skin Mum?
I won’t delve into the science too much here as I’ve already talked about this in a previous post (see How hormones affect your skin – Part 1 Puberty & Acne) and so I’ll just give you the basics. Hormones are raging in puberty, particularly growth and sex hormones, and this fluctuation can have a direct effect on the skin. Too high an influx of hormones (androgens in particular) and your skin starts over-producing sebum, the lubricant that keeps our skin moist. Too much sebum can lead to acne.

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For the first in our special interview series “On Beauty” we’re talking to Oscar winning make-up + special effects artist Elka Wardega.

Elka won an Oscar in 2016 for her amazing work on Mad Max: Fury Road and has worked on many international hit films including Moulin Rouge, The Matrix, The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit.

Elka shares with us how she got into the make-up and special effects industry, career highlights, her view on beauty and her favourite products to use (hint: one of ours might just feature in here).

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This week on my travels to Japan I spent a lot of time picking up skincare products and reading ingredient lists. Okay so it’s kind of a habit for me with my job but I’m constantly surprised by what I read.

Probably the most surprising is the expensive stuff. And the best place to check out expensive skin care is the duty free department.

While scanning the aisles of products in Sydney duty free I came across a pretty bottle of face cream that was selling for $535. Now you would think for that kind of money you would be getting liquid gold or perhaps the most expensive and best ingredients money could buy. Short answer is no. In fact, I was horrified. The first five ingredients were listed as follows:
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We get sooo many questions about skin and our skincare range that I thought it was worth sharing our most commonly asked with you.

“I’ve just switched to Clémence Organics, so why is my skin breaking out?”

Some people experience a break out when switching to our range for 1 main reason: over-cleansing. Most people previously use a foaming cleanser which strips the skin daily, forcing it to produce extra sebum and skin oils. When you change to our Refining Cleanser (which is cream based) it takes approximately a week for your skin to adjust and slow down the extra sebum and oil production. Once your skin has adjusted, your skin will settle and break outs will be a thing of the past.

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I started making products for babies when I was pregnant with my first born because I was horrified at the ingredients found in most baby skincare. Seriously, I trawled every baby shop, health food store and pharmacy looking for truly natural and organic options and there just weren’t any.

I wasn’t going to put anything on my baby’s skin that wasn’t 100% natural and organic because I wanted to cherish my baby’s health. You might ask what skincare has to do with baby health. Turns out it can have a huge effect on it, starting at the microbiota.

What is microbiota and what has it got to do with my baby?

Our skin is colonised with a diverse ecosystem of microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, viruses and fungi. Collectively, these microorganisms form what’s called microbiota. This colonisation begins at birth when a baby is exposed either to a mother’s vaginal bacteria and/or a mother’s skin bacteria. This ecosystem develops with age, and forms a protective barrier which contributes to the health of the skin.

The condition of a baby’s microbiota varies according to how a baby’s skin is treated, with some soaps and creams significantly affecting the skin’s microbiota. Too harsh cleansing, anti-bacterial agents, and steroid creams, can detrimentally impact the microbiota and increase the likelihood of a baby developing eczema and other dermatitis’.

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Most skincare products come with a recommendation as to how to store them so as to keep them safe and in top condition for as long as possible. Ours say ‘store below 30°C’. We go into further detail on our FAQs page:

“We recommend that products are stored away from direct sunlight and below 30°C. In warmer climates and in hot summer conditions we recommend that you store your products, particularly those in jars (Ultimate Face Cream, 2 in 1 Face Scrub + Mask), in the refrigerator.”

Refrigerator you say? That’s where mine have been these past 10 weeks to keep them as cool as possible. This summer in Australia has been extraordinarily hot and humidity has been at an all-time high. So how does this affect your skin care products?

We recently had a customer return a product to a stockist after some mould grew in the base of the jar, several months after opening. When I discussed this with the stockist I explained that we have had our products stability tested against mould and other common microbes, and they held up. So why would it still grow mould?

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