Living in the NSW Blue Mountains, I’m surrounded by people who love the outdoors, and nearly everyone you meet is a rock climber.  But there are rock climbers and there are rock climbers, and Amanda Watts has got to be the most impressive female climber I’ve ever met, representing Australia in World Cups and competing at an elite level for over 20 years. Not only does she excel at this sport but she is also a nutritionist and dietitian, helping other sportspeople reach optimum results in their chosen field.

In this interview I asked Amanda about her climbing career, how the right kind of nutrition can change lives and what beauty means to her.

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When Founding Editor of The Grace Tales, Georgie Abay, agreed to be a part of our “On Beauty” interview series I was chuffed. I’m a huge fan of Georgie’s writing and her passion for storytelling shines through in the numerous features that fill the website’s pages. Georgie regularly interviews women from around the globe, sharing their journeys through motherhood and recently published her first book, Grace Mothers.

Once deputy editor of Vogue, Georgie left to find balance in her life, raise her daughters and pursue a career outside of print media. Launching The Grace Tales seemed like a bit of risk at the time but Georgie’s hard work and passion ensured its success.

In this interview, we talk to Georgie about her career, her take on beauty and how hard it is to make time for yourself as a working mum.

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Bridget’s Note: Sometimes a simple gesture can change your life. When I offered to drive Charlotte Smith home to the Blue Mountains after an event in Sydney we had both been attending, I was granted the pleasure of spending 2 hours alone in her company. As Charlotte told me all about her extraordinary life and her phenomenal fashion collection, I was blown away. How did I not know about this incredible woman who lived only 15 minutes from me? Here is just a glimpse of her story. 


For the second in our special interview series “On Beauty” we’re talking to Charlotte Smith, custodian of one of the world’s largest fashion collections, The Charlotte Smith Fashion Collection. This historic collection was bequeathed to her by her American Godmother, Doris Darnell, and came complete with accompanying letters, photographs and stories that linked the pieces to the original owners and the occasions to which they were worn.

Now containing some 9000 pieces, Charlotte exhibits this fascinating collection around the world, enthralling her audience and proving that fashion is so much more than fabric.

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For the first in our special interview series “On Beauty” we’re talking to Oscar winning make-up + special effects artist Elka Wardega.

Elka won an Oscar in 2016 for her amazing work on Mad Max: Fury Road and has worked on many international hit films including Moulin Rouge, The Matrix, The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit.

Elka shares with us how she got into the make-up and special effects industry, career highlights, her view on beauty and her favourite products to use (hint: one of ours might just feature in here).

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