As much as I would love everyone to just empty the contents of their beauty cabinet and start fresh, it’s not practical or affordable for many. So given that one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘where should I start when transitioning to organic skincare’, I wanted to lay out my recommendations.

When going organic, I think it’s good to know not only what to start buying but why. That way you can make informed decisions and know that you’re heading in the right direction.

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There’s a reason why I only have a single line of products in the Clémence Organics range. It’s because I don’t believe in skin types. I know it’s a bold statement but hear me out.

The skin types you hear most often are normal, dry, oily, mature, combination, and sensitive. But who only has one skin type? And what is normal?

I know my skin varies according to the season, what I’m eating, the climate I’m in, my current stress levels, and what I’m using on my skin. For example, in summer I would say that my skin is oily. In winter it’s dry. It’s always sensitive and given that I’m getting close to 40 I would say it’s verging on mature. How do I label that?

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The quality of your skin varies according to the season, what you’re eating, the climate you’re in, your current stress levels, and what you’re using on your skin.

Your skin is never one skin type but rather a living, breathing, changeable organ, and you should treat it as such. By adapting your diet and skincare, you can keep your skin happy, no matter the season.

For example, in Australia we’re in late autumn (almost winter) which means the weather is cool and dry. So, I’ve adapted my skincare routine, some habits and my diet, to keep my skin healthy.

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We are all told that we need to wash our face regularly to keep it healthy. But how do we know if we’re doing it right? Cleansing too frequently, with too harsh a cleanser and using the wrong methods, could be making skin issues worse.

We step you through the reasoning behind cleansing, which cleanser and exfoliant to choose for your skin, and how to use them to the best effect.

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March is upon us and the cooler weather is on its way. In our glorious patch of the world, the ever-stunning Blue Mountains of NSW, you can already see some of the leaf tips starting to burnish with autumn’s first colours.

As the coolness creeps in and the air starts to become dry, both indoors and out, it’s time to transition our skincare to accommodate the new conditions. After all, luminous skin is not reserved for the summer months alone.

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The humble toner has come a long way from the skin-stripping products we once knew them to be. These days, toners are full of active ingredients that nourish and soothe your skin. 

Add to this the fact that they also prime skin to receive the full benefit of your skincare and it becomes clear just how indispensable toners are.

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Travel can be such a rejuvenating and nourishing experience – though unfortunately we can’t say the same for the flight. Whether it’s caused by the plane’s skin-drying air conditioning, lack of sleep, or free radicals running wild, our skin health can take quite the beating throughout a long haul flight.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can encourage skin health in the air, ranging from regular hydration to a nurturing serum. All you need is the proper in-flight skincare routine and a handful of skincare essentials by your side.

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With the masses of skin care products out there, accompanied by the desire to try them all, our skin care routine can become very cluttered, very quickly! Multiple serums, cleansers, and a mask for every occasion can not only clutter your cupboards, but also drain your bank account. Have you ever wondered whether a ‘less is more’ approach is the best way to go? If you invest your time and money in a handful of natural, high-quality products, you may well yield the best result for your skin.

The minimalist skin care movement is ever-growing in popularity, with more and more people taking a step back to the basics. But what are the advantages to this approach? And how can someone transition into a minimalistic skincare mind-set?

Here’s a simple skin care regime comprised of the bare essentials to leave you with a glowing, supple complexion.

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