Customer Rewards

Our new customer rewards system is designed to thank you for buying our products again and again.

We now allow you to earn points with every purchase made at Clémence Organics.

For every twenty five dollars you spend on the Clémence Organics website you will earn a point equal to one dollar that you can use as a discount on any future purchase.

Every product on the website will allow you to earn points. Your points will accumulate as you make more purchases on the site, until the point at which you choose to use them.

Your points will never expire and there is no minimum or maximum amount you need to spend in order to use them.

Please note in order to use our customer rewards system, you do need to establish an account on the website. If you haven’t does this already, this can be done at the checkout.

From all of us at Clémence Organics, thank you!

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