Cancer is such a sensitive subject and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by it. For me it’s something that I talk about on an almost daily basis. Why? Because it’s part of my story and part of why I do what I do. Here’s a little bit more about my background and the natural product I found to be helpful in cancer treatment.

As you may already know my Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008. I was in the last year of my Naturopathy degree and so felt in a good position to support him with complementary therapies. I prescribed herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements and made him a balm to ease any potential radiation-induced dermatitis (otherwise known as radiation burn). I felt very fortunate that I had knowledge and some experience to help him.

It was the balm that I made for his radiation burn that helped shape what I do today. Unlike the invisible effect that the tinctures and supplements I was prescribing were having, the difference between his radiation burn and other patients on the same oncology ward was so evident. But it wasn’t just a visual reduction, it was a pain reduction. And when you’re dealing with cancer which can cause pain in so many ways, any kind of reduction is a good thing.

The balm that I made was based primarily on one ingredient, calendula. I chose calendula because in my studies I had known it to be a highly effective anti-inflammatory herb and also extremely gentle. The research that I undertook to establish its use in radiation-induced dermatitis also showed that it had been proven to be effective.

After completing my degree and going into private practice, I started to play around with the calendula balm and see what else I could add to improve it. I formulated in other anti-inflammatory herbs including chamomile, lavender and rosehip. I also wanted to make it even more nourishing and so added jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. And I wanted to increase the skin-healing benefits and so included evening primrose oil and vitamin e. This balm was eventually named Ultimate SOS Balm, so-called for its ability to calm, soothe and nourish pretty much any skin upset.

Since perfecting this product, it’s gone on to win awards and many 5 star reviews. But it wasn’t until the weekend just gone that I saw physical evidence of how it is able to help radiation burn for the first time in a long time. This was provided by a very brave woman named Lily who had been gifted the Ultimate SOS Balm by her Aunt to use whilst she undertook radiation for post-operative breast cancer. I openly wept at the memories raised and then with pride. It reminded me that this is why I do what I do. I love not only that it helped reduce the pain and redness for Lily (in fact there was no redness at all – see images below), but that there were no chemicals, preservatives or unnatural ingredients entering Lily’s body that could potentially further compromise her health.

Lily's Radiation & Post Operative Photo

Cancer is complicated but if you can make just a few small changes, choosing natural and organic wherever possible, you might help to ease the burden, and maybe even shorten the cancer journey.

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