As much as I would love everyone to just empty the contents of their beauty cabinet and start fresh, it’s not practical or affordable for many. So given that one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘where should I start when transitioning to organic skincare’, I wanted to lay out my recommendations.

When going organic, I think it’s good to know not only what to start buying but why. That way you can make informed decisions and know that you’re heading in the right direction.

Start with the lips

Our bodies absorb around 80% of what we put on it but this is increased if it’s on your lips. Why? Because you’re eating it! What’s not being absorbed is going into your digestive system and into your body. That’s why it’s super important to make sure your lip balm and lip colour are 100% natural and as organic as possible. (I have to tell you, whilst recently standing in line at a local store I read the ingredients of some well-known lip balms and was appalled – so many chemicals in these products!)

I highly recommend our Ultimate Lips (99% certified organic ingredients) and Rose Tinted Lips (99% certified organic ingredients).

Note: For those with little people, baby products (moisturisers, oils, creams and balms) come in at a tied 1st place. This is because baby’s skin barrier is much more penetrative than adults, absorbing more than 80% into their system. Click here to Shop Baby Products.

Body beautiful

The skin on our bodies (everything from the décolletage down) is a very large surface area. And given its superior absorption qualities, this is the next place to invest in organic skincare. Our multi award winning Ultimate Hand + Body Lotion comes highly recommended.


Face essentials

Your face cream, serum and toner are the next stop because they make the biggest visual impact. These 3 face products in an organic form are so much better for your complexion, scarring, pigmentation and signs of ageing. Why? Because they contain none of the nasties which can be counter-productive for these issues (parabens, PEGs, artificial fragrances) and the botanicals they DO contain are more potent due to organic farming producing a higher antioxidant and vitamin content.


Clean up your act

It’s important to make your cleanser, exfoliant and mask the next organic purchases for 2 reasons:

  1. The best cleansers, face scrubs and masks are made with premium organic ingredients because some of the product gets absorbed into the skin, not simply washed away. As insignificant as it may seem, every step of your skincare routine makes a difference.
  2. The remains of these products get washed down the drain and into our environment. Chemicals, nanoparticles and plastic beads which are used in conventional skincare products all have a detrimental effect on our waterways and the animals that live within it.

Click here to Shop Cleanser, Exfoliant and Mask.

2 In 1 Face Exfoliant + Mask Cropped

Make me up

I’ve put this one last because it’s not necessarily an everyday item. Personally, I only wear make-up when I’m heading out to something important. If, however, you do wear make-up daily, I would pop it into 4th position. Choosing natural and organic make-up is important because there are sooo many chemicals that go into conventional products. There is also very little regulation and brands are not required to list ingredients on their packaging (scary!!!). The best natural and organic make-up brands that I use and recommend are Inika, Gemma Vendetta and Eye of Horus. Eco Tools also makes fabulous natural applicators (brushes, sponges etc.).

As always, I’m here to help so please feel free to reach out if you have any queries.

I hope you find it helpful.

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