Clémence Organics and its founder, Naturopath Bridget Carmady, are fortunate to be regularly featured in a range of media including magazines, websites and television. Here are the latest features:

Nature & Health | November 2017

2018 Natural Beauty Awards

We are very proud to announce that our Ultimate Lips has been awarded a Highly Commended Award at the 2018 Natural Beauty Awards. This is the 3rd time it has taken this award out so are super excited!

Read the full article at – http://www.natureandhealth.com.au/beauty/2018-natural-beauty-awards-meet-the-winners

Her World | 3 October 2017

Beauty Picks – You Need These Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands ASAP

Clémence Organics | This organic, cruelty-free cosmetics company uses 100% recyclable packaging, with the products themselves containing absolutely no preservatives, using instead organic, botanical ingredients as they contain a higher percentage of antioxidants, essential to fighting free radical damage. They also ensure that everything that goes into their line contain no microbreads or nano particles that are detrimental to marine and water life.

Read the full article at – http://www.herworldplus.com/beauty/beauty-picks/you-need-these-eco-friendly-beauty-brands-asap?slide=7

Nature & Health | October 2017

Natural Beauty – In-flight friends

Before you board your flight, pack: Clémence Organics Travel Essentials ($89.95) with Ultimate Lips, Tone + Hydrate Spritz, and Ultimate SOS Balm.

Learn more about Nature & Health at – http://www.natureandhealth.com.au/

Bondi Beauty | 22 September 2017

We Tried & Tested 7 Body Lotions To Bring You The Very Best For Dry Skin

Keep your skin well hydrated this spring, with one of these seven beautiful body lotions. As spring approaches, our bodies start to adjust to the transitional weather of cold to hot, dry to wet and of course if you live in Sydney, wild winds too. To battle dry skin, that can appear at this time of year, we tried and tested a range of body lotions and came up with these top seven:

Clémence Organics Ultimate Hand & Body Lotion $49.95

Formulated by Naturopath Bridget Carmady, this body lotion is certified organic and made with delicious ingredients such as organic rosehip, essential minerals and vitamins, shea nut oil and calendula. Perfect for all skin types, this a light moisturiser which also helps heal premature sign of ageing in the skin. From scarring to pigmentation and sun spots, this cream provides much needed soothing for many skin concerns. If you’re travelling, try the SOS Balm by Clémence Organics $49.95 as well. Made with the same ingredients as the hand & body lotion, you activate the balm by rubbing between your hands and then applying where needed on the body and face.

Read the full article at – http://bondibeauty.com.au/beauty/we-tried-tested-6-body-lotions-to-bring-you-the-very-best-for-dry-skin/

Vogue Australia | September 2017

The best spring beauty buys to shop now

With winter coming to an end and Vogue Online Shopping Night only just around the corner, here is a list of all the must have products that will help you transition seamlessly into spring.

Clémence Organics Repair Face Serum

Read the full article at – http://www.vogue.com.au/vosn/latest+news/galleries

BuzzFeed | 11 September 2017

13 Beauty Brands That Really Care About The Environment

Clémence Organics – This organic, cruelty-free cosmetics company, founded by a naturopath, uses [mostly] 100% recyclable packaging and the products themselves contain no preservatives.

Read the full article at – https://www.buzzfeed.com/jemimaskelley/save-the-planet

The Beauty Bible | August 2017

Blog – The Good Stuff

We have something very exciting to tell you. Wait for it. We have discovered a NEW skincare range and we are head over heels! And we think you will be too…

Clémence Organics is a natural, organic skincare range that was developed by Naturopath Bridget Carmady who has a love of helping people improve their health. After losing both her father and sister to cancer, Bridget developed a love and a passion for nurturing health and understanding how the body is affected by the products we put on it.

What Bridget developed is a beautiful organic skincare range that has already won several skincare awards and been named by Sporteluxe as one of the best sustainable brands out there.

So, what products does the range include? There are so many, which you can check out here, however we’ll share a few of our favourites with you.

Read the full article at – https://thebeautybible.com.au/?p=21679/

Women’s Fitness | August 2017

Look Fit

Winter’s finally here, you guys, and while you might be tempted to slack off on your skincare (who’s really going to see how dry your cheeks are under all those layers?), hold up. Just like your summer bod, summer skin is made in winter, so now’s the perfect time to work on your complexion. Just follow these three steps and you’ll be well on your way to filter-free come springtime.

1. HEAL IT | Infused with rosehip, calendula and jojoba oils, as well as vitamin E, the Clémence Organics Ultimate SOS Balm, $49.95, will send dry winter skin to the sin bin.

Learn more about Women’s Fitness at – http://www.womensfitness.com.au

Virgin Australia Voyeur | June 2017

What’s New

Prepare for your long-haul flight with hydrating skin care and chic lightweight luggage. Then, arrive in style with stunning accessories and the latest gadgets.

Clémence Organics’ Travel Essentials includes the award-winning ‘Ultimate Lips‘, ‘Tone + Hydrate Spritz‘ and the ‘Ultimate SOS Balm‘. Made from 100 percent certified organic ingredients, these travel-sized products are formulated by a naturopath to support the body’s inherent rejuvenating process and are guaranteed to soothe and hydrate skin from head to toe. www.clemenceorganics.com

Learn more about Virgin Australia Voyeur at – https://www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/experience/on-board-the-flight/voyeur/

Women’s Health and Fitness | June 2017

Beauty on the Fly

Must-have travel beauty loot: Clémence Organics Travel Essentials $89.95 Guaranteed to keep any natural beauty lover’s skin soothed and hydrated in all conditions from head to toe.

Learn more about Women’s Health and Fitness at – http://www.womenshealthandfitness.com.au/

Mama Disrupt | Winter 2017

What’s New

Ooh la la! Australian made (but with a French twist), Clémence Organics is a gorgeous new independent range of naturopathically formulated skincare products. The result of more than a decade of knowledge and experience, Clémence Organics is about mama nourishment and non-toxic ingredients, with a commitment to the planet’s health through recyclable packaging and zero hidden nasties.

Learn more about Mama Disrupt at – http://www.mamadisrupt.com

Nature & Health | June 2017

Best Organic Beauty Buys

The word is out – organic is in, with the market increasing 15 percent in just 12 months. But how do you ensure you are buying the best? Lisa Tristram reports.

Bridget Carmady, naturopath and founder of Clémence Organics, often saw the effects on skin and health of toxic chemicals in her clinical practice. She says: “Using organic is not just beneficial for your health and beauty, but for the environment, ensuring that fewer harmful ingredients like plastic microbeads or chemical nanoparticles enter our waterways.

Beauty Editor’s picks: Clemence Organics Ultimate SOS Balm ($49.95, www.clemenceorganics.com)

Read the full article at – http://www.natureandhealth.com.au/beauty/best-organic-beauty-buys

Spindrift Collections | 14 May 2017

Caring for your Spindrift Jewellery

One thing I have realised over the years, is that people who wear strong perfumes and cosmetics that have been created with synthetic chemicals have much more trouble with tarnish on their silver jewellery. I switched to using 100% organic and natural cosmetics about 7 years ago, as I was concerned with the amount of chemicals in each of the products I had been previously using, some of which I couldn’t even pronounce! After a little more research I found that some of the standard chemicals found in many cosmetic products had links to cancer! Not something I wanted to be putting on my skin, so I switched to natural and chemical free products and have never looked back! It turns out these chemicals in commercial cosmetics also considerably increase the tarnish of your silver jewellery! We recently spoke to Naturopath Bridget Carmady from Clémence Organics about commercial skincare products.

Read the full article at – https://spindriftcollections.com/caring-spindrift-jewellery

Depths of Beauty | 26 April 2017

Why I Always Use Organic Toners and Face Serums – Introducing Clémence Organics

Eco make up artist Emmily Banks of Depths of Beauty talks organic skincare and her favourite Clémence Organics products.

Read the full article here and watch Emmily’s You Tube video here.

Women’s Fitness | May 2017

Beauty Loot – Skin Saviour

You might be busy slathering on allll the face creams, but spare a thought for the rest of your bod with the Clémence Organics Ultimate Hand + Body Lotion $49.95. Packed with hydrating essential fatty acids, nourishing antioxidants and skin-boosting vitamins, this creamy lotion will nip premature ageing in the bud, soothe inflammation (*cough* windburn) and keep your pins (and hands) feeling silky smooth.

Learn more about Women’s Fitness at – http://www.womensfitness.com.au

Peppermint Magazine | 27 February 2017

Natural Beauty – Be My Baby

Tiny tots need a little extra TLC, especially when it comes to their super-sensitive skin. Try these bub-friendly brands! Clémence Organics Baby + Mum Balm $39.95 Organic calendula-based balm for both babies’ bottoms and mums’ sore nipples.

Learn more about Peppermint Magazine at – http://peppermintmag.com

Business Chicks – Latte | 24 February 2017


Clémence Organics Founder, Director and Naturopath Bridget Carmady shares her beauty secrets.

Learn more about Business Chicks at – http://www.businesschicks.com.au

Blue Mountains Love | 14 February 2017

About Face

Naturopath and Clémence Organics Founder Bridget Carmady shares her top tips for achieving natural radiance on your big day.

Learn more at – http://bluemountainslove.com.au/launch/skin-deep

Sporteluxe | 3 February 2017

9 Sustainable Beauty Brands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

First it was ‘clean eating’, then it was spring cleaning your apartment using the KonMari method. But in 2016, the phrase on everybody’s lips was definitely ‘clean beauty’. And unlike the other trends, it doesn’t look like our obsession with natural and ethical beauty products is going anywhere anytime soon. Sustainable beauty brands are popping up everywhere, inspiring beauty-lovers to dump out the contents of their makeup bags in favour of ‘greener’ options.

We’ve rounded up our favourite new sustainable brands that are about to take the beauty world by storm. Not only are their ranges free from the harmful chemicals you often find in traditional beauty products, they’re also cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly. Happy sustainable shopping!

Read more at – http://sporteluxe.com/9-sustainable-beauty-brands-you-havent-heard-of-yet

Nature & Health | 1 February 2017

Sun, sea, sand – SOS!

How do you keep that naturally glowing complexion and soft mermaid-like hair? Make sure you have Lisa Tristram’s must-have beauty boosters in your beach kit.

Skin can become taut and dry from overexposure to heat and wind, and also from air-conditioning. Skin will look reddened and make-up won’t apply easily or evenly; ongoing dehydration can also result in fine lines. Replenish moisture loss by spritzing skin with a floral water, which lingers on the skin and creates a buffer zone. Pop one in your beach bag and use it often, especially after swimming and before reapplying sunblock. Avoid anything that is alcohol-based, as that will only aggravate the problem. Try: Clemence Organics Tone + Hydrate Spritz

Read more at – http://www.natureandhealth.com.au/beauty/sun-sea-sand-sos

Nature & Health | 30 January 2017

Cleaner Beauty

By Clémence Organics Founder & Naturopath Bridget Carmady

I always read skincare labels. Why? Because I want to know what I am putting in my body. Yes that’s right, in, not just on, my body. While particle size, length of contact and skin quality all influence absorption of skincare products, your skin will definitely absorb some, if not all, of it. Unfortunately many commercial skincare products contain harmful ingredients, including:

Parabens: Probably one of the dirtiest words in skincare, parabens are a common preservative and broad-spectrum antimicrobial. They have been shown to interact with UV rays and potentially increase DNA damage and signs of ageing; they have also been found in breast cancer tissue, raising concerns they may play a contributing role.

Read more at – https://www.natureandhealth.com.au/beauty/cleaner-beauty

Nature & Health | 27 January 2017

Green Queen

Clémence Organics Founder & Naturopath Bridget Carmady was featured as the Green Queen in the Feb-Mar 2017 issue of Nature & Health Magazine:

Studio 10 | 9 January 2017

Channel 10 Australia

We were fortunate to have our products feature on Studio 10 recently. Here is the link to our appearance which appeared during the Golden Globes broadcast.

The Beaux Journals | 18 December 2016

Beaux Clean Beauty: The Winter Edit

These are my current favorites alongside my bff Hammam and Home turkish blanket. I give these all an A+ in terms of great ingredients, ethics, and quality. My winter picks are as follows players:

Lewin and Reilly face tonic, the natural deodorant and face toner from Jord Organics, my always favorite Clémence Organics made a very solid cleanser, body/hair/face oil from Sansceuticals, H is for Love Balm that is so super nourishing, the most divine smelling tropical body butter from Evolve, and the Evolve Glow Mask I put on when I take a bath that smells like chocolate. Basically here is all that is awesome.

Read more at – http://www.thebeauxjournals.com/blog/2016/12/12/the-winter-edit/

Nature & Health | 12 December 2016

Slow the signs of ageing

By Clémence Organics Founder & Naturopath Bridget Carmady

There is a saying that there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Well, I’d like to add ageing to the mix. You see, we are all ageing, every minute of every day. How well we age is up to us.

The main signs of ageing – fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging skin – are most evident on our faces. Slowing down these signs is not as simple as choosing a good moisturiser. By making small changes to some of the most basic things we do every day, you can make a big difference to how well your skin ages.

Read more at – http://www.natureandhealth.com.au/beauty/slow-the-signs-of-ageing

Wellness by Kels | 9 December 2016

Review: Clemence Organics 2 In 1 Face Scrub and Mask

This scrub/mask combo smells like rose deliciousness and is the perfect multi-tasking product. To use, I simply use a small amount and gentle roll the product over my skin to carefully exfoliate without being too rough. I then let the product sit on my skin for at least five minutes as a mask, before removing. This product leaves my skin feeling like butter afterwards. My skin feels renewed, plush and hydrated.

Read more at – http://www.wellnessbykels.com/2016/12/review-clemence-organics-2-in-1-face.html

Imbibe Living | 2 December 2016

How to get glowing skin by nurturing your gut health

By Clémence Organics Founder & Naturopath Bridget Carmady

I have an organic skincare business so looking after skin is kind of my thing. I’m also a naturopath so I try to educate my clients that having great skin is not as simple as choosing a decent moisturiser. By having good digestive health, your skin can glow and you can rid yourself of many of the common skin issues plaguing society today. The first thing to remember about the digestive tract is that it contains 70-80% of our immune system. Many skin issues are immune or inflammatory related e.g. eczema, psoriasis, acne.

Read more at – http://imbibeliving.com/how-to-get-glowing-skin-by-nurturing-your-gut-health

Life Extraordinary | 1 December 2016

Beauty Review: Clémence Organics Skincare

Clémence Organics was created by founder Bridget Carmady and inspired by her time in France. Of France, Bridget writes: ‘where life was simple but in the same breath, utterly divine’

She goes on to say that ‘my experiences inspired me to create a simple yet luxurious range of organic skincare products that come with a little something special – an offer to empower YOU to make smart skincare choices.’

Luxurious is absolutely spot on, these products are rich, fragrant and a pleasure to put on your skin. I’m always looking for anything that’s going to make a difference to my ageing sun damaged skin and so I was prescribed by Bridget a beauty routine formulated for my skin to target the issues I feel most important influenced by the beauty routines of the ever so glamorous French women.

Read more at – https://lifeextraordinarymag.com/review-clemence-organics-skincare/

Nature & Health | 28 November 2016

Natural Beauty Awards 2017

We are very excited to announce that 2 of our products have picked up awards in the 2017 Natural Beauty Awards:

Tone + Hydrate Spritz – Highly Commended
Ultimate Lips – Highly Commended

These awards are run annually and feature the natural and organic beauty industry’s best products. This is the second time Ultimate Lips has won this award.

Read more at – http://www.natureandhealth.com.au/beauty/so-beautiful

Wellness by Kels | 6 October 2016

Review: Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser

As a gal with super dry skin, I naturally prefer creamy/lotion textures over foaming cleansers, so was super glad when I saw that this refining cleanser had a creamy texture. It feels super nice on the skin, and like a good cream cleanser, does not leave the skin feeling stripped after rinsing. It also does not leave any residue, so should be suitable for most skin types. I love how soft and clean my skin feels after using this cleanser!

Read more at – http://www.wellnessbykels.com/2016/10/review-clemence-organics-refining.html

The Beaux Journals | 12 September 2016

My favourite travel goodies…

Read more at – http://www.thebeauxjournals.com/blog/

Nature & Health | 15 August 2016

Naturally anti-ageing

By Clémence Organics Founder & Naturopath Bridget Carmady

Can natural skincare products be anti-ageing? Naturopath Bridget Carmady takes a look at the research behind several well-known natural anti-ageing ingredients.

My mum (pictured here with me) is a baby boomer: mid-60s, gorgeously young at heart and defiant about getting old. I grew up glossing over her books of organic gardening, macrobiotics, and yoga. She was always smothering us in natural creams, and childhood ailments were seen to by our local naturopath. The funny thing is: now I look in her medicine cabinet and it’s packed full of commercial anti-ageing products. When I ask her about this, she believes the commercial anti-ageing products are the only ones that will really work. Speaking to clients about this, it turns out this is not an uncommon point of view. Is mum right or is there sufficient evidence behind natural anti-ageing claims?

Read more at – http://www.natureandhealth.com.au/beauty/naturally-anti-ageing

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