Summer is here which means we’re all spending more time in the sun. As much as we love the sun, and the sun loves us back, it’s important to protect our skin, to soothe it and assist its repair if it gets a little too much. This will ensure the health of your skin long term, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are my 5 favourite products for keeping skin healthy and glowing this season.

  1. Protect what you got

The first thing you need to do is protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Our NEW Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion has been formulated with a level of zinc oxide designed to meet SPF 10 standards, which means it’s perfect for daily use.

It also spreads on invisible – no more chalk-white face.

Arianna says “To have a day cream that nourishes your skin while protecting it from our harsh sun is absolutely brilliant. I have pigmentations which gets worse in summer. Your products have significantly improved my skin and to now have that option is a bonus.”


, Clémence Organics


  1. Spritz it up

Our Ultimate Biome Spritz, is perfect for keeping the skin on your face healthy this summer.

Vitamin C and green tea extract protect skin against free radical damage caused by the sun (and excessive Christmas spirit!).

Probiotics help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier against pollutants and rose hydrosol reduces redness.

I keep a Spritz in my handbag so that I have no excuses.

Tamara says “I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the Biome spritz for a week now and it is INCREDIBLE! Thank you! I have young kids and sometimes I don’t attend to myself before I run out the door. BUT I SPRITZ! It’s so moisturising! I am blessed with pretty skin (I am 43) and look 33. You have created a mind blowing product!”



  1. Soothe with our SOS Balm

Occasionally I do get a little too much sun and it’s the Ultimate SOS Balm I reach for.

It calms any burns and helps to repair damage straight away.

Its intense hydration means that skin is less likely to blister and peel when sun is most definitely maxed out.

Emily says “I was on a 7 day course of antibiotics last week and I broke out in hives on my eyelids from it (I hate antibiotics) and this was just one side effect from this one. I’ve been putting some SOS balm on them to help with the stinging and itch. It definitely helps for sure.”


, Clémence Organics


  1. Give lip service

Our Ultimate Lips is so named for good reason.

Its ultra-hydrating formula means that lips stay moist all day long and protected against cracks and cold sores. 

And if you’re after a touch of colour, you can’t go past our Rose Tinted Lips.

No lumps or feathering, just pure natural colour.

Perfect for those summer evening catch ups.

Casey says “The ultimate lip balm is simply amazing, I didn’t think it could get any better until I tried the rose tinted lip balm. I actually panic if I misplace my ultimate lip balms.”



  1. Repair skin at night

I LOVE applying our Repair Face Serum of an evening because its anti-inflammatory ingredients immediately soothe any inflammation I’ve got going on and keeps my pigmentation in check.

It also provides the prefect base for make-up, and can be blended with your foundation for a lighter coverage.

Kaye says “Absolutely love the serum. The lines on my face have faded and my skin feels great. I also rub some on the back of my hands and those brown “age” spots have faded enormously. I’ve finally found the fantastic product I’ve been looking for for years. Love all the Clemence products I’ve purchased. Also love the new eye dropper.”


, Clémence Organics


Don’t forget to keep skin hydrated with plenty of water, and take advantage of the glorious summer fruits and veg on offer that will help skin glow from within.

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