Persistent flushing, acne-like rashes, and swollen blood vessels are the bread-and-butter of rosacea – an inflammatory skin condition affecting a wide assortment of people. Though the condition is typically treated with medicated creams and oral antibiotics, there are plenty of natural lifestyle habits one could adopt to help prevent the condition from flaring up, ranging from foods to avoid, to a handful of stress management tactics.

Before we dive into these natural tips, here’s a quick insight into the various symptoms and triggers of rosacea.

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is typically described as an inflammatory skin condition, causing persistent flushing and acne-like rashes to suddenly appear on the skin – typically on the face. Though the condition is well-known for facial redness and flushing, people may also experience other symptoms like oily skin, swollen blood vessels, itching, and more.

Triggers for rosacea are very diverse and can range between stress, sun exposure, certain foods, heat, alcohol, and more. Medications are available to treat the condition and prevent it from getting worse over time, though there are a handful of natural lifestyle adjustments people can use to prevent flare-ups.

Are you on the hunt for natural ways to fix your rosacea? Here are our recommendations to help manage this skin condition.

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen
Sun exposure is a common trigger for rosacea, meaning that one of the best ways to avoid this trigger is by simply using sunscreen. Before heading outside, be sure to apply sunscreen, choosing a natural one where possible. Everyday moisturisers that contain SPF are ideal, especially since they can provide a hydrating element to further protect the skin (hint: we may have something like this coming very soon…). Also consider a wide brim hat when spending longer periods of time in the sun.

Control Stress
More often than not rosacea and stress go hand in hand, with anxiety commonly causing the condition to run rampant. So, by controlling our emotions in these stressful situations, we may be able to prevent rosacea from flaring up.

There are plenty of simple ways to manage stress in our day to day lives – whether it’s by avoiding stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol, managing time more effectively, or simply trying to get more sleep each night. Daily meditation is also worth a try, with many different studies showing how it can effectively control stress and anxiety. Before implementing any stress control strategies, figure out what’s largely causing the anxiety and make a plan.

Opt For Natural Skincare
With the cocktail of chemicals often found in various commercial skincare ranges, it’s no wonder some of these ingredients (such as alcohol and fragrance) can trigger rosacea flare-ups in some individuals. If you find that some elements of your skincare regime are causing your rosacea to worsen, making the switch to a natural skincare range may be the way to go – with products usually containing a blend of organic ingredients to nourish and support a healthy complexion.

The Clémence Organics range contains specially formulated organic botanical products, many of which have been shown to be beneficial in rosacea sufferers. We have seen particular success with our Refining Cleanser, Tone + Hydrate Spritz and Repair Face Serum. (Hint: these products can be purchased together in the money-saving Youth Basics bundle)

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Switch Up The Diet
Just as the sun’s rays can suddenly cause rosacea to flare up, so can the foods we eat – especially spicy foods, dairy products, and alcohol. Being aware of the effects these items bring about can allow us to understand the underlying causes of the condition and help to cut these dishes from the diet while replacing them with a handful of foods to boost skin health.

In Summary
Ranging from sun exposure to stress, rosacea can suddenly appear for a variety of diverse reasons, leaving behind persistent flushing and acne-like rashes in its wake. The condition is typically treated with topical creams and medication, though there are plenty of natural lifestyle options to help reduce the frequency of flare-ups. The key is knowing what your triggers are and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly. Making the switch to a nourishing and organic skincare range may just be the best place to start.